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Jab Tak Best Nahi, Tab Tak Rest Nahi, Sets The Tone Of Sony Entertainment Television’s Latest Offering – India’s Best Dancer


Over the years, Sony Entertainment Television has brought forth some of the finest and marquee properties on Indian television, thereby redefining weekend viewing. After the roaring success of Super Dancer – a dance reality platform for kids, Sony Entertainment Television presents India’s Best Dancer, a platform for dancers between the age group of 15 – 30 years. Industry’s best and most proficient names in the field of dancing, Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis will helm the mantle as judges of the show and will leave no stone unturned to pick the finest talent and challenge them week on week reiterating what the show stands for – Jab Tak Best Nahi, Tab Tak Rest Nahi. The show marks the comeback of ace choreographer Terence Lewis on television as a judge after 8 years. Hosted by the impeccable duo Bharti Singh and Harsh LimbachiyaaIndia’s Best Dancer premieres on 29th February and will air every Sat-Sun at 8:00PM only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Produced by Frames Production Company, India’s Best Dancer will showcase the journey of some of the best talent who, with their solo performances, will compete to win the title. The show promises to be the toughest dance reality show on Indian television and the makers have ensured to make it challenging at every step. Starting with the Auditions, the contestants will get only 90 seconds on the clock to impress the judges with at least 3 Power Moves to head further in the competition. As the clock keeps ticking, the judges, or E.N.T specialists, will keep a close eye on the Entertainment, Newness and Technique that the contestants bring forth through their dancing. While Malaika will assess the ‘Entertainment’ quotient in each act, Geeta will look for ‘Newness’ in the moves and Terence will account for perfection in the ‘Technique’. The second phase of Mega Auditions will see the selected contestants battle it out in pairs and trios post a solo performance to move into the next round. In the Grand Premiere, the judges will announce the Top 12 contestants as the Best Barah who will have a respective mentor in the journey ahead. Week-on-week these 12 contestants will have to impress the judges and audience alike to move closer to winning the most coveted title of India’s Best Dancer!

Harsh Limabachiya, Ranjeet, Geeta Kapur, Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis, Ashish Golwalikar, Bharti Singh

The show auditioned across various cities to find talent that is not just the best but contestants who are constantly bettering themselves every single day. Passion, dedication and determination is what defines the talent on India’s Best Dancer and the audience will see a perfect mélange of power-packed performances and inspiring stories every week.

Tune in to watch the best talent from across the country participate on India’s Best Dancer starting 29th February every Sat-Sun at 8:00PM only on Sony Entertainment Television


 Ashish Golwalkar, Head – Content, Sony Entertainment Television & Digital Business

After the successful season of Indian Idol, we are excited to announce our very own IP – India’s Best Dancer, a platform that focuses on bringing forth only the best of talent and showcasing their journey. It has been our constant endeavor to bring forth formats that are not only clutter breaking but also high on engagement with our audience. For the very first time, the audience will get to see contestants in a dance off at the initial rounds of India’s Best Dancer. To ensure that the contestants keep putting their best foot forward week-on-week, they will be mentored by the best choreographers in the industry, reiterating the core of the show – Jab Tak Best Nahi Tab Tak Rest Nahi. Judging this kind of talent is not an easy feat and we are confident that our panel of judges – Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis will do justice to their role of the ENT specialists, scrutinizing talent on the Entertainment, Newness and Technique they bring to the table. Bharti and Harsh mark their debut as the hosts of a dance reality show and we are confident they will charm their way into the hearts of our audience.

Geeta Kapur, Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis

 Ranjeet Thakur and Hemant Ruprell, Producers, Frames Production Company

India’s Best Dancer as a format is not just tough but in true sense a test for the best. While the talent that has participated is outstanding, it’s their journey in the show that will redefine the level of dancing and entertainment. There are various stages in the show that have never been explored on television so far and we are confident that these will engage the audiences throughout the course of the show. It is always a great pleasure to collaborate with Sony Entertainment Television, and we value our long-standing association with the brand.

Malaika Arora, Judge on India’s Best Dancer

It’s a pleasure to be associated with a show like India’s Best Dancer where the level of dancing and the passion of dancers is par excellence. It certainly makes my job difficult as a judge but its enriching to witness such dedicated dancers and know their journey. Another reason why I am looking forward to this show is because I am sharing the judge’s panel with two of the most accomplished choreographers from our industry – Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis. While Geeta got the best out of me in my debut song in Bollywood, I have been mentored by Terence. Together, the three of us will scrutinize the talent basis our areas of expertise.

Geeta Kapur, Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis

 Geeta Kapur, Judge on India’s Best Dancer

Each city and state that you go to has its own peculiarities. It is even more challenging because in todays’ day and age, every dancer is hooked to social media and is aware of what is happening all over the world. When they fuse this knowledge with their own style, you never know what new form or move comes out of it. So, as judges, we are prepared to see something new. Amongst all the glitz and glamor, we will keep a strict eye on dance. I think it’s going to be a great journey.

 Terence Lewis, Judge on India’s Best Dancer

There was a time when dance was looked down upon. Today, we celebrate dance. People have a lot of talent and this talent needs to be showcased at a larger level. Platforms like India’s Best Dancer bridge the gap and bring the talent to the forefront. It’s a good thing as it raises the bar. And as a country, we need to also rise to international standards. Also, I am not going to be judging on tricks and stunts, I am tired of seeing that. I want to see talent who can just dance and not do circus. The show will go beyond what has been showcased before. My job as a judge is to educate the audience that there is so much more beauty in subtlety and grace.

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