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Jacqueline I Am Coming Is Coming On October 18   

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 Jyothi Venkatesh

 Raghuvir Yadav plays a 40-year-old single man named Kashi Tiwari in Jacqueline I am coming. Kashi finds love in Jacqueline (Diiva Dhanoya), a young girl he meets at a church. Their romance, however, is cut short when Jacqueline is admitted to a mental asylum, leaving Kashi to hatch a plan.Jacqueline I am coming is written by Pinky Dubey and directed by Banty Dubey. Speaking about the film, Raghuvir said, “I’m really choosy when it comes to films, I chose this film because it is about human connection that we are losing these days, relationships are not lasting long, people are alone. This film will tell you that relationships is all about taking an effort and doing your best for the people you love. It will give you hope for love.”  Produced by Manish Giri, and also starring Shakti Kumar, Jacqueline I am coming is set for release on October 18.

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