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Jai Mummy Di Review: Luv Ranjan has met the expectations of the audience

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Hopes for the film increases when Luv ranjan makes a film. Have to say this time too, Luv Ranjan has met the expectations of the audience. Jai Mummy Di is a family entertainer film, many scenes of the film will make you laugh


Puneet Singh (Sunny Singh) and Saanjh (Sonali Sehgal) are in love with each other. After college is over, Saanjh asks to marry Puneet, but Puneet backs down because both Puneet and Saanjh’s Mom are no less than Hitler and are old enemies of each other. The reason for their enmity is shown at the end of the film. Now after some time, Puneet realizes and he wants to marry Saanjh, but by then both Saanjh and Puneet’s marriage is fixed in different place. Now Puneet and Saanjh make many plans to break their marriage and marry each other and eventually become successful.


The film has been introduced brilliantly. The film makes you laugh and is totally worth the money. When and why the rivalry of both the mothers started, you will enjoy watching this scene at the end and in the end you get to see the cast of Pyaar Ka Punchnama. Well, you have to know by watching the film, what is the special thing in the end scene.


Sunny Singh’s strong acting is seen in the film, yes some of the side actors could add more life to their roles. Sonali Sehgal could have made her role better, her acting skills seem a bit weak in this film.

Reason to watch

The film is a family entertainer film that will leave you sparingly with your family

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