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This what Janhvi must have felt at that untimely news


On the sets of Dhadak my phone beeped.. I thought I will check it later and got busy with the script. But not even a nanosecond passed that my phone rang again, do not know why I felt my heart sink. It was my papa calling me at such an odd hour. 

Hello papa! 



Papa, stop kidding! 

Noo, this cannot be true!

This is what I could remember. This is how I was announced to the news of my Ammaa’s death. 

Within a fraction of second, I had a thunder of emotions and thoughts running down my veins giving me the chills that I never wanted to feel. 

How is this possible? 

This is not true!

This cannot happen!

They must be kidding…

Does this mean I won’t be able to meet her ever? To see her ever? To touch her ever? To feel her ever? To kiss, to hug, to share, to laugh with, to hear her!! 

**I fainted with the stream of thoughts**


Everything dark!

A flashlight and that smiling face of Ammaaa. 

I could hear her call my name. I could feel her shrug to wake me up. 

Ammaaaa, I want to be with you!

This is pleasing enough, to feel you, to see you! Please stay Ammaa. 

The voices grew louder. 

Janhvi. I could hear my name. But no, I do not wish to come to my senses. I wanna stay with my ammaaa. 

They say you have left us. I do not wish to go to the world where people believe you have left us. 

Ammaaa, stay a little longer with me. 

Jaaaannnhvvviiiiii (a voice from the outer world shrilled my soul and brought me back to the world where they say I have no one to call “ammaaa” to)


Janhvi beta, come to your senses says Karan uncle. 

Uncle, Is it true what they are talking? 

Please say “no” uncle.

I can feel ammaaa with me. She cannot leave me alone. She cannot leave us alone. 

Nooo. Papa cannot live without her. And Khushi, where is she? Does she know? Is she fine? Uncle, she was excited about my debut. You know naa! She had always waited for this day. She cannot go. She cannot leave me. 

Karan Uncle say something! 

Ask papa to take her to hospital. She must have just fainted! 

We cannot be deprived of her! 

Where would I get the smell of my ammaa? 

Ok. I need to talk with her. Enough of this joke. 

**A tear rolled down Karan uncle’s cheek while he hugged me tight** 

But no. I want my Ammaa!

How would I tell him that his hug misses that warmth of my ammaa’s hug?

Does he know, I just want to talk with my ammaa right now and know that this was all gibberish!

I cried!

I screamed! 

Ammaaaaa, I screamed. 

All I could call out was for Ammaaa. 

But no, she was not there. She was gone. Gone to a place where I could never reach her. 


I cried miserably! People hugging me. But no hug could ease my pain. 

I want to go to Khushi! 

Where is she? 

Karan uncle said he will take me home. 

Home? What home? It is no more a home to me! My mom is not there, how can you call it a home, my inner voice shouted. 

I cried! 

But is it enough to show my pain? 

Losing your best friend, your mentor, your sister, your first love, your everything… Does crying justify the pain one feels? Was crying enough to show my pain? Would ever anybody know what I had been through? I wonder when I write this! 

I wish to shout even now. 

Its been months without you ammaa! 

Each second appears to be like a century. 

I wish to run to you, to hug you every second, to feel you, to touch you, to sniff your smell again. 

I feel so helpless ammaaa. 

I know you are there guiding me. But please ammaa, I need you here! By my side!

I want to scream. 

I want to go back in time. 

I curse myself for not being with you in the hotel. 

I hate myself because I know, had I been there with you, I would have saved you. 

I wish I had accompanied you to Mohit bhaiya’s wedding. 

I wish so much Ammaaa.

The most of all I wish is, to have you with me forever. 

I can fight with the world to get you back. 

You left Ammaaa leaving a void in my life. Leaving a void in Khushi and papa’s life. 

I wish I could express my love for you for one last time. 

I wish I could hug you in your last time. 

Amma, I love you and will always do!

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