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January,2035,Ek Adbhut Award samaroh dariya ke beech ,Mount Madhubala award ke liye…


Taking into account the problems faced by thr various organisations which distribute any number of awards in the country,the Society of well-wishers of the film INDUSTRY ON EARTH established in heaven decided to have its own awards and the first ever awards function was held off the sea in Bandra on January 7th 2035 – Ali Peter John

The Society had a very prestigious jury to decide the first ever awards and jury consisted of Dada Saheb Phalke ,Ardeshir Irani Dr. V Shantaram ,Kidhar Sharma ,K L Sehgal, Pruthviraj Kapoor ,Durga Khote ,Nargis,Raj Kapoor,Nutan, Devanand and Dilip Kumar.

Special Arrangements were made to fly down the eminent members of the jury to the venue in the sea on golden eagle with wings and they soon joined the stars from earth who traveled to the venue in little boats driving the boats themselves, without any drivers or security guards.

The set further award ceremony was erected by M R Achrekar,the art director of Raj Kapoor and the set resembled a battle ship without any guns .

David Abraham was specially invited to anchor the show and Dilip Kumar kept the audience spellbound with his blend of English,Urdu and Hindi and Dev Anand had just too smiled and flash his toothless smile for the audience to go crazy.

It was magical when hundreds of musicians from heaven and earth joined together to play the kind of music that made heaven on Earth zoomed with delight.

It was thr first award night of the mount Madhubala Awards and it waa decided to make a small start with only four Awards.

The best actor award went to the Son of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt and the audience stood up to give the young actors standing ovation the were told that his name too was Raj Kapoor.

There was a sensation when Ranbir and Alia were honoured with the lifetime achievement award.

Another big surprise was when a slumed dwellers from Dharavi was declared the winner of the best music director award and a young man from Majas Wadi was declared the. winner of the best action director award .

There were no more Awards to be given away and the finale was reached when the entire jury and all the stars from the Earth danced together on the stage which kept floating on the sea covered with gold and silver confitti .

And like in the past ,the man with the magic in his words Dilip Kumar stole the limelight again when he spoke about the need to have more quality content in films than the hollow quest to find fame and weatlth which he said was not the best solution to sail in the filmsfrom the mess it was getting into slowly but surely…

That night there was a traffic jam both on the way to heaven and in all the roads leading to the old 5-Star hotels and many of the old stars were losing thier way and preferred to spend the night in the Dhabas and Chiliya Hotels where they once used to have thier favourite Biryaani s ,Rumaali roti and cutting Chai.
Will we ever have an awards nights like this again ?