Jasmin Bhasin on the use of filters on social media: Creating fake realities is not needed

By Bollyy
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Jasmin Bhasin

Actress Jasmin Bhasin says that while the use of filters on social media is normal, one should not over do it at all. The actress says that your natural look is actually what is loved the most.

“Using filters sometimes is fine as we are part of the glamour industry but getting obsessed with filters or creating fake realities is not needed. Aging is a reality for everyone including actors. And I have seen that fans and followers also love it when we look natural in our pictures. It’s important to not set artificial reality standards,” she says.

Meanwhile, she also understands why it becomes important to use filters at times. “We all are aware that as actors we are being observed and judged all the time but one should follow one's own gut feeling, whatever makes you happy you should do but it should be real. It's fine to use filters sometimes. There are some situations where filters really help. But don't let the filters make your identity,” she says.

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