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Jasmin Bhasin Quits Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 


Jyothi Venkatesh

Six months after its launch, Jasmin Bhasin, the lead actress of ‘Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji’ (‘DTHHJ’), has quit the show, not wanting to play a mom on screen.The show took a five-year time leap recently, and soon, Happy (Jasmin’s character) will be seen taking care of her husband’s son from his first wife. The actress wasn’t comfortable playing mother on screen and hence, decided to opt out a day ago. She says, “The storyline of the show underwent a change recently along with a time leap. Initially, I wasn’t aware, but when I read the screenplay, I realised that I would have to play a mother. I didn’t want to do that, as that is not what I signed up for. I informed my producers and the creative team, accordingly.”Jasmin says that the time leap was totally unexpected, and she is also unhappy about the fact that she was not kept in the loop. She shares, “The time leap was premature. When the script was narrated to me, I had asked the producers whether there would be a child, too, on the show. I was told that my character wouldn’t get married for at least a year. However, it’s just been six months and there has been a change in plan already. I was unhappy about this sudden turn of events, but I am glad that we have parted ways amicably. You can’t blame anyone, because everyone is dealing with the pressures of ratings and competition.

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