Jasmin Bhasin says Rakhi Sawant is fake drama queen!

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Rakhi Sawant and Jasmin

The highlight of Bigg Boss 14 was Rakhi Sawant and Jasmin Bhasin's fight. It all started with a box of coffee...Rakhi had hidden this box somewhere under her bed which Jasmin saw and told Aly Goni about it. Vikas Gupta warned Rakhi about this news and that's when the cursing started. Rakhi started unreasonably verbally abusing Jasmin and Aly with extremely rude phrases like, "Your limbs will break! Your head will burst, you will die!" That is way too much anger for just some coffee and the other members of the house too told her to stop this. Rakhi has been spotted doing all sorts of obnoxious things throughout the day, after this. After this scene, Rakhi pulled out the coffee box, spit in it and hid it further under the mattress. Jyothi Venkatesh

publive-imageAfter calming down, Jasmin was organizing her makeup on her bed when Rakhi started provoking her...again. She called Jasmin a "papita"and said that she will "chop her up". Wanting to take this fight lightly, Nikki Tamboli and Jasmin started playing around with the duck head mask from a previous task. While this was going on, Rakhi was maniacally laughing the whole time. Keep in mind this mask is made of thermocol. Then Jasmin jokingly placed this mask on Rakhi's head. That's when the drama started.

Rakhi screamed loudly and then aggressively banged her head against the glass table while crying. She complained that Jasmin "broke her nose". It is absolutely impossible to hurt someone that seriously with an object that is made of thermocol. Minutes passed but the crying didn't stop since Rakhi was craving for attention and sympathy. Jasmin immediately called out this fake drama. She showed many of the other contestants the inside of the thermocol head proving that there was no way Rakhi could've been hurt. If she was hurt, it would've been caused by the unnecessary banging on the table, she did this to herself.
The Majority of the house believed Jasmin and knew that Rakhi hadn't really gotten hurt at all. As Jasmin said, "She can't try to ruin my image by saying that I broke her nose! That mask was made of thermocol, there is no way she hurt her nose by this! If anything, it's because she continuously banged her head against the glass table."

Rakhi and JasminAlmost all the contestants, including Jasmin, were laughing or joking about Rakhi's fake drama but this was stopped by Aly since he thought it was rude to joke about someone crying. Jasmin stopped and calmed down. Later in the day, Bigg Boss called out all the contestants and warned them about being extremely careful in the house so that they don't hurt themselves or any other contestants. They didn't punish Jasmin since she had absolutely no intent to hurt Rakhi but they shamed Jasmin for her actions regardless. As expected, Jasmin didn't take this well. "This is not done Bigg Boss. She can't try to ruin my image like this." Jasmin said.

Jasmin Bhasin's loyal fans have also been busy on social media. Be it twitter or instagram, they have been constantly defending Jasmin and calling out Rakhi for trying to ruin Jasmin's image by accusing her of breaking her nose. Jasmin's fans are trending with caption like We Stand By Jasmin. We all know Jasmin is a strong contender and will not be pushed down by unnecessary drama like this.

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