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Jasmin Bhasin Shoots For An Accident Sequence Heroically In Spite Of Having A Driving Phobia

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Today a daily soap actor needs to be multi skilled – right from doing stunts to driving a car and dancing. Jasmin Bhasin recently had to shoot for an action scene in her show Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji. In the story she meets with an accident .Says Jasmin, “The scene had a car coming towards Rocky and me pushing him to save him. As per the script in the milieu, the car hits me and I fall down and start bleeding heavily. I was afraid obviously but it was done with great technical skills by the team. I am so afraid of cars that I don’t drive. I have a phobia of driving. The phobia actually has a reason. When I was a kid once I started riding a cycle and removed the hurdles and then I met with an accident. I vomited blood and was also in coma for two days. I could not remember anything and my family was very worried and panicked. I guess since then the phobia of driving developed and I could not take up driving.”

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