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Jasmin Bhasin’s candid interaction with Salman Khan won our heart!


Jyothi venkatesh

It’s been a week since the 14th season of Bigg Boss started. During the first weekend, superstar host Salman Khan praised Jasmin Bhasin a lot. Thanks to her nature, Jasmin has been the most loved contestant inside Bigg Boss house and she has not got involved in any kind of fights or arguments. Jasmin’s behaviour with her fellow inmates is extremely sober and she doesn’t get into any kind of negativity. In the last one week, Jasmin has reacted nicely during situations like when she was washing clothes or the discussion regarding her skincare. The videos of these scenes have also gone viral.

In yesterday’s Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan had a playful conversation with Jasmin. He told her that she does stand up for herself but somewhere in the middle, she loses interest and stops saying or fighting. Jasmine heard him.out and responded saying she feels like she is banging her head against the wall and bleeding and thus keeps quiet beyond a point. Salman also gave Jasmin a very nice title – Kalavati. According to him, Jasmin has all the qualities he appreciates in real life but for Bigg Boss she has to change.

On the other hand Jasmin stated that she takes time to open up and clearly mentioned that she will take stand up in the house and will come out as a strong personality. Jasmin thanked Salman for the guidance. She says I have brains, but people in Bigg Boss house are illogical. In the last one week, we have seen Jasmin’s emotional breakdown but after today’s episode, one can expect Jasmin will be stronger and fight back. At the end she says, I will fight for what I deserve.”