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Jason Shah Gets Inked!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Jason Shah Currently seen as captain Ross in Jhansi Ki Rani is a big fan of tattoos and recently got inked on his back. The actor got a lion made this time and says that it’s special to him. “For me, the lion symbolises Jesus. I got it done on my back because Jesus has always got my back. Jesus is my centre, so the tattoo is right on the spinal cord as he is my rock,” he says, adding, “This tattoo took quite a while and it was not an on the spot decision. I always wanted to have a tattoo like this. The complete procedure almost took 8 hours and it was hard to sit through but the artist I had doing it is a fantastic artist. It’s not done yet. I am going to add more to it.”

Ask him where and what he plans to ink next, and he says, “So next is my mother and father’s tattoo as they mean the world to me. I don’t think a tattoo causes any kind of skin problem unless the person has a skin allergy or something. So, before getting any tattoo done, the artist inquires your whole history.” Interestingly Jason has two more tattoos in his body, one is in arm under his bicep and one is side of the lower part of his ankle. The tattoos have faded,and soon Jason will refill them. He adds,”When I was 16 I have made this two tribal tattoos and after a long time almost 15 years I decided to have it again.”

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