Jay and Kinnari Mehta’s Maddam Sir’s first season winds up on a high note!

Jay Mehta- Gulki Joshi- Kinnari Mehta

Maddam Sir winded up recently on a high note. A scrumptious cake was cut on the set along with the cast and crew. Producer duo Jay and Kinnari Mehta were present. Kinnari spoke from the heart appreciating the cast and crew and thanked the audiences for unconditional love and wishes for the show’s success.

“Maddam Sir has still so much story to be told of individual characters be it Hasina Malik or Karishma Singh. There’s so much more to be explored in Maddam sir. I think it’s great to leave a TV show at a high note where audiences are still wanting so much more and not the typical way of the boredom setting in or the cliché stories where everyone is forced to shut down a show. We personally wanted to hit the story at a high point and, of course, Season 2 will be coming. We are working on the creatives and we will not let audiences down. We will come with a fresh storyline.”

Priyanshu Singh- Kinnari mehta- Yukti Kapoor- Jay Mehta

Talking about the show, she says, “First thing, Maddam Sir is not a comedy show, it’s an emotional thought process of what a common man goes through and what touches them. We started from episode one and are now touching 750 episodes. The show has survived the pandemic.”

Gulki Joshi, Sonali Naik, Yukti Kapoor, Ajay Jadhav, Priyanshu Singh all were emotional speaking about the show to the media. Audiences are surely waiting for season 2 with bated breath.