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After taking a short sabbatical from his music career and making his fans wait with bated breaths, Jay-Z is finally back with his 13th studio album 4:44. This the time for fans and music lovers to go berserk and rejoice!

When the trailer of the album was released some time back, we all knew that this album was going to add yet another feather in his cap, and so it happened! The album has 10 songs and the oh-so-famous rapper has collaborated with Frank Ocean, Maria Carter, and Damian Marley. Currently, the album is exclusively released for Tidal/Sprint users and the others have to wait a little longer but we aren’t complaining!

The Twitterati has always given us the best of reactions and here are a few of our favourite ones celebrating the release (or maybe not) of Jay-Z’s new album!

That’s most of us right now.

Uh Oh! Friendships are being put to the test.

Appropriate AF.

A moment of silence.


The couple doesn’t say shit they don’t mean.


That’s True.

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