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Jayhaan releases EP ‘Zaiavli’ in association with Most Wanted Records


Jayhaan is all set to debut his new hip-hop EP ‘Zaiavli’ featuring MC Azad, 100RBH, Darpan, DJ Hi2, Prasad Gaitonde, and Thuk. Most Wanted Records has always endeavoured to curate innovative hip-hop content and this time they have collaborated with Jayhaan to release ‘Zaiavli’, an EP that blends old-school hip hop with Indian muscial elements. Infact, Jayhaan is amongst the first from the Parsi community to release a hip-hop EP.

The name ‘Zaiavli’ itself is a play on words of a very popular Marathi slang. The tracks can enliven any place with its hard-hitting beats and inspired lyrics in the ‘Mumbaiya’ style of hip hop. While the music is contemporary, the EP is sensational and makes you want to get you into dance mode. The lyrics have a modern twist to some classical roots.

Jayhaan releases EP ‘Zaiavli’ in association with Most Wanted Records

Jayhaan is a priest by day and a DJ by night. His budding career in music has already spearheaded the entry of Jersey Club in India which was previously alien to the Indian Music Industry. Using this momentum, he is changing the face of electronic music by fusing the sounds of Western Jersey Club, bass music and trap, with Indian instruments and melodies.

Along with Jersey Club, Jayhaan performs and produces Hip-Hop and Trap, working closely with 7Bantai’Z, Dopeadelicz, Darpan, and MC Azad. Jayhaan recently released his first album titled ‘Jadibooty’, showcasing his love for bass music as well as his roots in the form of Indian folk music.

Sharing about the Zaiavli, Jayhaan shares Zaiavli EP is my debut hip hop project & as producing hip hop is more creativity over originality for me, I’ve sampled a bunch of popular old school Bollywood songs into hard hitting beats. Sampling has been a big part of what hip hop is today & I just want my people to know the difference between plagiarism & sampling, so I hope this is a step in the right direction. The name itself is a play on words of a very popular Marathi slang, which is mostly used when something just catches you by surprise.”

Speaking about the release, Most Wanted Records, Executive VP, Shantanu Pujari shares “Jayhaan is a super talented producer who has shown us different styles of music he can create. And he has one of the most underrated and gifted emcees like Mc Azad, Darpan and 100 rbh in one ep . With sure bangers like parichay and high hay this ep is a unique contribution to Indian hip hop

Excited about the release, MC Azad shares “I have really enjoyed and I feel proud of making India’s first drum and bass marathi rap with Zaiavli Cypher. I really enjoyed working with jayhan ,100rbh & Darpan. I am also looking forward to make more Eps like this.”