Jigna Vora revealed the secrets of many people of the Big Boss house after getting evicted 

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You don't like to talk about your past but you had a press conference in Bigg Boss house, what would you like to say about it?

I have also done personal interviews with some of the people present here and I have also told them the reasons for not talking about their past. I had no intention of talking about my past, I was not informed in advance about the press conference that took place. If you would have noticed, I had come in my night dress only. Talking about the inside of Bigg Boss house, when you live with seventeen people for a month and everyone talks about their past or shares something about themselves, then I also just shared. He shared his story and experience and it was nothing more than that.

Bigg Boss 17: Mannara and Khanzadi

Do you feel that some people inside the house targeted you and wherever you were supposed to be vocal, you were not there, and that is why you are out of the house today?

I had placed my points strongly where I should have placed them. It is a different matter that I did not shout, I did not fight, I did not steal anyone's paratha or coffee. If this is what gets TRP then yes I did not do that. But I have spoken wherever it was necessary, like when there were fights between Mannara and Khanzadi, no matter how many differences there were between me and Khanzadi, I still took Khanzadi's side. I did not take Mannara's side where Mannara was wrong, I don't know how much has been shown on TV. There were many such occasions when Abhishek went out of control due to anger and Rinku ji and I helped him control it. Whatever issues I felt were genuine and which were spoiling the atmosphere at home, I was standing there.

Bigg boss 17: Navid and Arun

When your name was taken in Grace Player, you were most hurt by Arun, you also said many times that you had even washed his underwear, despite that he did the same to you, so was it right to do so?

You just watch an hour-long episode, a lot happens in 24 hours. I felt bad for Navid, and I even talked to someone inside the house about it. You must have also seen that I had self-nominated myself and saved Navid, everyone felt bad for Navid because according to us he was progressing. The rest could have been justified in coming during the grace period. I said this out of upset. There was some guilt within me regarding Navid, which I had clarified that day and night also. And as far as washing Arun's clothes is concerned, it is being taken out of proportion. After Manasvi was out, there was a fight between Arun, Tehelka, and Abhishek, and during that time Arun had injured his hand and his hand was swollen, and my nature was such that I could not refuse anyone. I can, and that's why I told him that Arun ji, I will wash your clothes, don't worry. I don't think I have done anything wrong by doing this, nor have I taken advantage of this. There should be enough humanity in any person that he can help someone.

Bigg Boss 17: Arun, Tehelka, and Abhishek

You were seen less on TV or perhaps you were shown less, so do you think this was the reason for your being evicted so soon?

I don't know how much was shown to me on TV, I just came out yesterday and I haven't seen the old episodes yet so I can't tell what was shown. My personality is not such that after being nominated, I suddenly start doing something crazy like Sana and Khanzadi used to do, if you had paid attention then you would have known that all the days I was inside the house, my graph was the same. I haven't changed anything to appear in front of the audience. I have lived at home in a very dignified and graceful manner, and I am proud of it.

Is Rinku Ji going to be harmed inside due to your coming out, because both of you were playing the game together?

No, it is not so, she is playing her own game. She is very strong and will do very well.

Bigg Boss 17 : Rinku Ji

When you were trying to take a stand, Rinku ji stopped you, do you think your game got spoiled because of him?

No, I don't think so. I haven't thought about it that carefully. I don't think they stopped me from taking a stand or stopped me from playing, I don't think anyone can stop anyone. I think she knew me personally well because we were together inside the house for forty days. We have shared the bed, she probably understands my personality very well, and she knows when I can say what and what I don't want to say. I don't think my game has deteriorated because of him.

You had cried over Arun's undergarments issue and said that you had to leave the house. The audience believes that there must have been worse people than where you were in the past, so you could have lived with them. What would you like to say about this?

I talked about leaving home because I can't live with a backstabber. This is my personality. If someone does something like this to you, it hurts everyone for a point. That night, Neil, Aishwarya, and everyone said that you have to take a stand on this matter because what Arun did was wrong. But I said that I did not want to talk about this issue. Then the next day when Tehelka ji came, I showed him my grace period report card and what I had done during the grace period. When you have worked selflessly for someone and that person has hurt you, then you feel hurt, and perhaps that is why I had such a reaction.

Bigg Boss 17: Arun Mashetty

Can it be said that Arun has stabbed you in the back?

Yes, of course, and he also said that it is tit for tat. I nominated him so he nominated me. He came to me to say this. When I was going out yesterday, he came to me and said sorry, and he cried too, but the damage was already done, so I don't want to say anything on this matter.

Do you feel that you were so involved in house duties that your game could not come out that much?

If my duty was the same, my issues would also be related to it. I think the theme of Bigg Boss Season 17 is around the kitchen. All the tasks done till now are related to the kitchen. Whatever matter happened, everything was related to the kitchen, be it coffee theft, curd theft, or egg theft, everything was related to the kitchen only. And since it was my duty, I could raise the same issues and not do anything different.

The rest of the contestants did not follow all the rules of Bigg Boss and hence remained in the limelight and you followed all the rules, hence you did not come in the limelight, and people did not notice you. What would you like to say about this?

That's people's problem and I can't do anything about it. People know better who should be seen and who should not be seen. Maybe people like people doing drama more. I am proud of myself that I have not left my dignity anywhere. I took my age, dignity, grace, maturity, and experience with me, and did the best I could, and I'm proud of that.


During the conversation with Rinku ji, you had said “I cannot dance naked for the footage”, do you think that the people who were fighting and taking the footage were doing the same?

That audience would know better. I only said about myself that I could not do this, I did not say about any contestant. Now those who are fighting is the strategy of their game, I don't have the personality to do that. Bigg Boss has said many times that some people have come after watching the previous season and they are trying to do what the people did in the previous season, Bigg Boss has also said that this is not the previous season, they can do whatever. Do yours.

People say that you want to gain people's sympathy by repeatedly bringing up the issues of your past. What would you like to say about this?

I don't think so. I have not taken sympathy from anyone in twelve years, so I did not need sympathy by coming on this platform.

Bigg Boss also held a press conference to clear your image, so were you able to take advantage of it properly?

You should ask that to the audience.

Bigg Boss 17: Sana Khan And Vicky Jain

Vicky and Sana were sitting together holding hands and this was also highlighted by Salman Khan. You and Rinku Ji were also seen explaining to Vicky how Ankita should be pampered. So what do you think about Vicky as we see him and what is going on between Sana and him?

There is on and off between Sana and her regarding the nomination, there is nothing else like that. Sana is very insecure and is afraid of nomination. Vicky feels that he can save her from this thing.

Every wife feels that if he has come with her then she should support him emotionally and sit and talk with him. Vicky is so engrossed in other issues and family members that he does not get time for Ankita.

We were also shocked to see both of them holding hands, because there was no one around them. And after some time I got evicted, so I don't know much.

Who do you think can go to the top 5?

The seventh week has just started, so it is a bit difficult to tell about the top 5. But I think Munawwar is the right person to win this trophy.

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