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A hit formula rehashed with a contemporary twist, a young star looking to cash in on the popularity of the original film and a film-maker looking to find playing it safe to find box-success. The end result, nine out of ten times is a film that makes you cringe and you just up end up going back to the original one. Time and again we’ve seen films fall prey to the horrors of remakes. Ever since the news of a Judwaa 2 remake did the rounds, we were pretty sure that we would witness the same cycle all over again. As much as we hate being proved wrong, the trailer of the 1997 comic caper remake impresses, and how!

Judwaa 2 follows the story of twins Raja and Prem (Varun Dhawan) who have a unique condition of being “linked genetically”, a case which happens to only 1 in 8 million pairs of twins. The two are born to an honest businessman but unfortunately get separated at birth. Raja is presumed dead but reappears years later, only to emerge as a much stronger person compared to Prem owing to his growing up on the streets. The two reunite over a twist in fate to bust a deadly racket in the midst of tons of confusion, song-and-dance sequences, no-brain one-liners and over-the-top action.

Coming back to where we started from, what makes Judwaa 2 stands out is that even though we never expected path-breaking stuff from the film, it seems to deliver what it sets out to. David Dhawan manages to retain the old-world charm of Salman Khan’s Judwaa while bringing in a whole new approach, one that looks young, zany and fresh. Speaking of young, zany and fresh, Varun Dhawan! Of all the actors from the newer lot, VD is undoubtedly the most successful and the three-minute-long trailer of Judwaa 2 proves just why. Right from the time he first appears on the screen till the last frame, he weaves his magic and binds you to the screen. Action, romance, dance and of course the impeccable comic timing, Varun is on point, every single time. He takes the burden of stepping into the shoes of Salman Khan like a pro and proves why he is indeed the best man for the job.

To spice up things even further, papa David Dhawan also seems to be at his prime best. By retaining songs from the original film, he’s in-your-face about not drifting away at all. Yet he does, with the exotic locales, the oh-so-gorgeous cast (read Varun, Jacquliene and Taapsee) and the high entertainment quotient which assure you of a true-blue masala entertainer in the offering.

Judwaa 2 has been one of the most anticipated films of the year and the trailer only nails the coffin in the head. We’d really be surprised if the film doesn’t emerge as one of the most successful films at the box-office in 201. The real acid test though will happen this Dussehra when the film hits the screens. Till then, enjoy the thoroughly entertaining trailer of this popcorn flick right here!

Produced by Fox Star India, Judwaa 2 releases on 29 September 2017.

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