Junooniyat episode synopsis – Tuesday

Junooniyat still 1

Junooniyat has just begun and already seems to have become a favourite amongst the audience. This week too, the show has some major action planned for its fans.

The episode stars with Jahan on terrace, and, on the other side, illahi is also on terrace and enjoying the dhol sound and doing grara. Jordan is also on his terrace, however, he is angry. He is getting flashes of Illahi taunting him. He exists and, now IIlahi come to kitchen to make tea for her father and goes to her room. Here Amardeep is watching the shaadi ka festivities from his window, he looks slightly pained and they talk about Illahi’s mother. He tells her to keep him informed of whatever happens in her life, and in turn, she promises him the same. Suddenly Husna’s mom and dadi come and ask Illahi’s biji to take Illahi for some help in the shaadi.

Junooniyat Still 2

Rasika’s dad gives Inderjeet the wedding card, and says that the first card is for samdhi ji. Everything is in a happy mood. We see Jordan is in his basement, he has a hockey stick and is breaking things, in full anger. Maheep comes in and tries to calm him down. She wipes his sweat… On the other side, suddenly a hand puts a cover on Illahi’s face and pulls her. Its Husna! She tells her that she made a plan to send her mother to her house! Jahan is watching the shaadi preps from his window and he is about to see Illahi’s face, but suddenly a loud voice heard and Jahaan leaves.

Jahaan is making tea and Illahi sees him in kitchen and thinks that it’s Dharam Veer ji. She is about to go in the kitchen when she slips and holds the curtain. Jahan tries to help her and they both get entangled and fall. She is still covered with curtain and he says sorry! Illahi asks him to leave her, and she runs away. Jahaan hears the same payal ki awaj!

On the other side, we see Jordan’s friends are in Jordan’s house and Maheep ask them about Jordan. They tell her about Illahi…