Junooniyatt : Jahaan is shocked by Elahi's actions

By Bollyy
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In this thrilling episode of Junooniyatt produced by Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta's Dreamiyata Entertainment, we see in a small flashback at the mandir, Elahi tells Jordan that she will do anything for him, just to give Jahaan the blood. Jordan, in turn, asks Elahi if she knows she wants a divorce, but he wants a chance with her. He pleads, "Please give me one month. As a wife, I want to prove myself as a good husband. Even after that, if I don't pass this test, you can make your decision." Elahi responds by saying she will not go back on her words.Junooniyatt
Jahaan is shocked by Elahi's actions. The family steps forward and asks Jordan and Elahi what is happening. Since Elahi remains silent, Jordan explains that Elahi has agreed to give him a chance and has returned as his wife to the house. Jahaan is shocked and asks Elahi if she did this for him. Dolly is upset and tells Jahaan that he shouldn't have believed her in the first place. Jahaan is taken aback and is not ready to accept the situation. Dolly, feeling upset, sends Jahaan into the room. She then calls Elahi out of the room. Jordan becomes agitated and starts heading to the hall. However, Elahi stops him and confesses that she has hurt everyone twice, and now she deserves their anger.

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