Jyoti B Mukerji : With OTT, many job opportunities have opened up not only for actors but for technicians and other craftsmen as well

Jyoti Mukherjee

After a 16-year-long break Jyoti B Mukerji known better as Rani Mukerjee’s bhabhi made her comeback with Tera Mera Saathe Rahe in 2021. Her hit show Pratima went off air in 2005. The actor, who is happy to be doing what she loves all over again, is a part of Durga Aur Charu and will also be seen in Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik’s new web series Dear Ishq that will be aired on Disney+Hotstar. She begins by talking about her journey so far as an actor.

Jyoti Mukherjee (3)

“I started with Anurag Basu’s Manzilein Apani Apani and then I did Gharana , Mulk , Kittie Party and Aandhi for Zee Also did Asha Ki Kiran with Manjul Sinha , and then I did Santaan and Prratima. It’s been a great journey. I came back to work in 2021. Had a great 6 years of working with tv, telefilms and the film Ma Santoshi ma and then I had a great 16 years of growing up with my children. I have cherished every moment with them. Now since I have got back to work there is a lot that has changed. The industry has grown and there is a lot of creativity and channel inputs. It has become a huge industry. I left the industry when I was doing TV so wanted to restart my life with TV and that’s what I did. I am proud to be a part of this industry,” she says.

OTT series’ are doing extremely well and viewers’ preferences have also changed a lot. Given that she is also venturing into the space is exciting too.

“The content that is available now is phenomenal. There are so many different subjects coming up. OTT has opened the mind gates. I am very excited about it too. Writers were sitting with brilliant scripts and not finding anyone to fund them , now they have many platforms to bring their stories to the public. I am looking forward to doing more work and going along the flow,” she adds.

As an actor, Jyoti belives in learning from her seniors, juniors , everyone by large ,  there is so much you can can learn from toddlers and children too.. So the list or people who inspired her and continue inspiring her is endless.

“In my earlier days ,Anurag Basu who got me into the industry and taught me the and nuances of performing told me something very significant, which is still with me. He asked me to constantly observe each and every person around you and make notes in your mind about their body language, diction etc because everyone is a different character in some way. And you don’t know which character you’ll have to enact , I find so much to learn from everyone that I meet and interact in my life and it’s not one particular person. I am here to learn and grow,” she ends.