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Jyoti Saxena: Akasa’s nomination unfair


Friends are the one part of our life who always aim to support us and take a stand for us when we are blamed wrongly.

Bollywood actress Jyoti Saxena who is good friends with Akasa Singh is upset with her friend’s nomination in Bigg Boss 15 this week and has taken a stand for her and explained her point on her social media.

Bigg Boss 15 has been all about endless fights and controversies since the first day itself.

While the contestants have been seen locking horns every day, there are some bonds in the house which have also made it to the headlines.

This week 3 contestants have been nominated. Simba Nagpal, Vishal Kotian and Akasa Singh.

Akasa’s friend Jyoti has come out in support of the talented singer and said that Akasa’s nomination is unfair and that she does not deserve to be nominated let alone eliminated from the house and that it should have been either Miesha or Ishaan or both who should have been nominated.

Both are only seen spending quality time with themselves rather than spending with other housemates and doing the tasks assigned to them.

Akasa shares a bond with every housemate and is trying hard to survive in the house as she is not into dirty games and politics like some of the other housemates, she is playing the game with dignity. She will not do anything which can tarnish her family name.

Have a look at her Tweets for her:

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