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Review: This piece of KAAGAZ brings you serious issue in tickling manner


Story of Kaagaz begins with Bharat Lal (Pankaj Tripathi), the band master. It has its own shop, we are in an era of 1977 where People have limited desires and limited resources but they were happy in that too. But, Bharat lal has a wife who tried her best to provoke him to expend his business. Rukmani (Monal Gajjar) suggests him to borrow some loan from govt. bank and invest for a bigger shop.

Kaagaz The story takes an interesting turn when bharat lal go for a loan and he asked to mortgage something to get it. When Bharat lal approaches the Lekhpal to collect his ancestral land papers, He learned that Lekhpal has bribed his uncle and declared him dead. Just here, an eighteen year long struggle begins in which Sadhuram Kewat (Satish Kaushik) becomes Bharat Lal ‘Mritak’s lawyer and then Bharat Lal also loses his remaining accumulated capital.

Strong Direction of Kaagaz

Kaagaz Satish Kaushik has done a lot of direction. The film does not seem to be dragged anywhere and never loses its pace. The beginning is from Salman Khan’s voice over where he is reading four lines written on the ‘Kaagaz’ title. The end is also brings Salman’s voice-over, as Salman is the producer and the presenter, so this was expected and obvious came to him.

In this Screenplay, there is a funny scene in every ten or fifteen minutes,
The screenplay is stick on two-the–point scenario.  Satish Kaushik successfully get audience’s attention on living dead-man’s incident but in parallel he also create some hilarious laughing moments.

Imtiaz Hussain has worked very hard on dialogues, many dialogues are strong and some examples are presented: –
“Ek Binti Hai Aapse, Akhbar mein Khabar chhapiyega, Chutkula Nahi”

“Galati Theek Karna Badaa Kaam Nahi hai BharatLal, par use Theek Kiya to ye Sweekarna Hoga ki Galati Hui hai”

Actors did there jobs very well

Kaagaz Everyone has given his best though the entire film is on the shoulders of Versatile actor Pankaj Tripathi and he has not given any chance to disappoint. He didn’t miss any chance to improvise his dialogues too.

Monal Gajjar is looking very beautiful. Her dialogue delivery is also very good. Pankaj and Monal’s chemistry are natural. Small role of Satish Kaushik is also good, even small scenes have become memorable. The story has progressed in his narration.
Mita Vashisht’s role is very important, her character is a MLA who manages to make an impact till the end.

Music melts in the ears

The music of Kaagaz is very soothing. Pravesh Malick has melded the corruption of the government office and the compulsion of the common man in music to the tune of folk songs. Kashmiri actress Sandipa Dhar is looking very charming in ‘Lalam-Lal’ item song.

Overall,  ‘Kaagaz’ is a film that brings out the truth not only of the bygone India, but also of modern India. How bribes going on in government offices can ruin the lives of common man; It shows. However, at some places, events are over due to the comedy. But still this Kaagaz make you laugh loud but also convince you to think about the situation  of a person like lal Bihari (Actuall dead man) and his undergo struggle.

Rating – 8/10 *

Siddharth Arora ‘Sahar’


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