Kaala actress Kavitta Verma gets a new haircut!

By Bollyy
New Update

Actress Kavitta Verma has a new look and we can’t keep calm. She says that she was looking for something new, and is so satisfied with her transformation.

“I was quite bored with my hair and felt monotonous about it. I just thought I should get my hair cut short and went ahead with it This new hairstyle satisfies my craving for change. It looks very urban and is easy to manage,” she says.


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She adds, “I felt really nice when I hit the gym, and most people complimented me. When compliments come from females, it's definitely a good sign. I believe that when nothing in life makes sense, one should go for a good haircut. Having said that, I think it's a good change to keep experimenting, whether it's with your hair or your wardrobe. What's the fun in being basic all the time?”

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