Kajal Chauhan speaks about her on-screen and off-screen chemistry with her co-star of Star Bharat’s Meri Saas Bhoot Hai’s Vibhav Roy.

Kajal and Vibhav 1

Star Bharat is currently captivating its audience with its recently launched serial ‘Meri Saas Bhoot Hai’. The lead roles are played by the versatile actor ‘Sushmita Mukherjee’, ‘Vibhav Roy’ and ‘Kajal Chauhan’. The character of Gaura, played by Kajal Chauhan, has her life change after getting married to ‘Som,’ portrayed by Vibhav Roy. Gaura’s fear is brought to life when her deceased mother-in-law transforms into a ghost and stalks her. While the audience adores her unique Saas-Bahu jodi opposite Sushmita Mukherjee, Kajal Chauhan discusses her on-screen and off-screen chemistry with Vibhav Roy and their shared likes and dislikes in real life.
She says, ‘I’m happy that the audience loves Vibhav and I so much since we have amazing chemistry on-screen. While we both work extremely hard and with all of our love and energy to follow our characters in the serial and convey our chemistry to screens, which is fairly similar between us as artists, our personal ideologies are very different from one another in real life. Although Vibhav is a reasonably mature guy, I still consider myself to be a child in heart. We both hold distinct perspectives on life; whereas he does not share my belief in spirit and God, I do. While it’s true that we get along well when working together on screen, we still think very differently from one another.

In the recent track will see Rekha trying to torture Gaura in every way possible as she finds herself turned into a ghost. On the other hand, ‘Som’ feels devastated to learn that Rekha is no more, while Ganga Devi and Kanchan bua are delighted.   
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