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Kajol Srivastava Says Ankit Is Planning Valentine’s Day For Them


Jyothi Venkatesh

Kajol Srivastava is on cloud nine this Valentine’s Day as she will be celebrating it with her fiancé Ankit. This is her last Valentine before marriage and Ankit has planned a great day for her. “I haven’t planned anything, it’s Ankit who has always been the one who takes initiative and puts in efforts for such things. I think this time too, he will be doing it since I am too worked up and busy with preparations,” he says. Talking about how she celebrates the festival, she says, “I feel Valentines is all about the people who you love. So, every year I have been celebrating Valentines with my family and this year too, I will be doing it with a member added to my family, Ankit.”

She has been busy with the wedding preparations and hasn’t been able to plan a good gift for him. “I am busy with the wedding stuff and haven’t had the time to buy a gift for him. I am not expecting anything he gets gifts every time he is in India and also makes all the efforts to keep me happy and smiling. That is more than enough for me,” she says. Ask her what her idea of romance is, and she says, “My idea of romance is very simple. It involves a candlelight dinner, holding hands or a simple walk or a spending time in a beautiful hill station.”

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