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Kal ki baat, Aaj ki baat – Simran


Simran Abb unn bachho se ek ek Bani Jo bado ko Chaunka Dete Hain

According to god’s original plans man was created to live in three different stages , childhood , middle-age and old age. But god must have been madly in love when he created certain babies who would have been wonder or miracle babies who would take the world by one big surprise when they would do what others couldn’t and even their elders couldn’t , for sweet and mysterious reasons best known only to god .

In the last two years I have seen several such unusual babies who have baffled me and all those who have seen them and the unbelievable things they do.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by JUSTIN LANE/EPA-EFE

The first girl just out of her childhood is Greta Thumberg, the Swedish girl who spoke about climate change in the world at the United Nations and spoke with so much knowledge and command over the English language that she received a standing applause from some of the top most leaders of the world . The little Greta had the amazing guts to even dare the former president of America , Donald Trump , and the powerful Trump was rattled by her speech that he even made a nasty remark about her . Greta remembered his nasty comment and gave him a fitting reply after he finally surrendered to Joe Biden .

Greta is not the only girl child who has turned out to be a child wizard . Due to the lockdown , I had to depend on my mobile for all the information and entertainment and if it was one thing that I discovered , it was the number of child prodigies in different fields . There were absolute geniuses I saw , they were in the fields of dancing , singing and making the most difficult things look easy .

I saw a seven year old girl from the North East singing the patriotic song “Maa Tujhe Salaam” with effortless ease even while she kept her innocence intact . That the creator of the song A R Rehman and the Prime Minister praised her performance is saying nothing about this baby’s feat.

Simran has just seen Richa Chadda’s performance in her latest film

In the world of Hindi films , we have had many such prodigies but I feel the best of them in all was Baby Padmini who started as a brilliant child artist and grew up to be one of the most talented actresses who worked with legendary directors and actors , among them being Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Dilip Kumar, Subhash Ghai and even directors of an earlier generation like Sohrab Modi and V Shantaram. Among the other “babies” who stood out with their outstanding and natural performances were Master Raju, Harsheel Malhotra who took millions by awe with her silent performance in “Bajrangi Bhaihaan” , Darsheel Safary and if there were three babies who will always be remembered they are Jugal Hansraj, Baby Urmila and Baby Aarti who made that wonderful film “Masoom” so very good…

Why am I talking about child prodigies, child geniuses ,child wizards and child wonders ? It is because of a video I saw this morning . In the video , there is a seven year old girl called Simran who sounds like a better critic of films than the hundreds of so called critics we have in every nook and corner voicing their opinions. on films these days. Simran has just seen Richa Chadda’s performance in her latest film , “Madam Chief Minister” and tells her” Richa Maasi how she loved watching Richa in the film. I don’t know how she must have really liked the politically inspired film , but I firmly believe that children don’t tell lies and cannot be corrupt , even if they are tempted by the best of imported chocolates toys or dolls.

I hope Simran , takes all the right decisions in her life and if she wills when she grows up becomes one of the leading critics not only in India but the world over .
Incidentally , Simran is the daughter of a leading lawyer Ms Saveena Sachar Bedi and Jaspreet Bedi who is in the business of medicine or that is how I know him.

India is not living through the best of times ( it is strictly my opinion and God bless those who have a contrary opinion) and if I see any hope for the future of my country , it is because of little boys and girls like Simran.