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Jyothi Venkatesh

Already bored tying your hair in a top knot, hiding those dull, lifeless strands? It’s time to let them loose and flaunt a vibrant glossy shine. Kalki Koechlin shows us how she achieved her beautiful Mahogany hair color in just 20 minutes, with a newest addition to her self care routine, the Gloss Hair Color. Shot on her phone, Kalki tries something she has never done before, coloring her hair at home. “I have heard it’s one of the easiest DIY hair color, also one of the best. Not just because it gives you a great color, but also because it makes your hair really glossy,”says the actor.

She takes us through her experience with a step-by-step hair color guide, highlighting the convenience of the application process andends the video by adding, “Self-care is self-worth and now, more than ever, we are all worth it.”With limited access to salons, DIY at-home hair color is a hassle-free makeover in no-time. So bid adieu to all your dull days and greys because you now have a plethora of shade options to choose from, from the brand’s Gloss hair color range. Link to the video: Kalki Koechlin using her Gloss Hair Color .

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