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Kam Karne Mein Junoon Hai Aur Nasha Hai Jo Kabhi Chut Ti Nahi, Seventy Nine Ke Umar Mein Subhash Ghai Aaj Bhi Din Bhar Kam Karte Hai


All man (or woman) who is honest, sincere and hard working and cannot stop working an the only power that can stop him or her from working is extreme bad health or death. Otherwise no excuse is strong enough to keep any one from working- Ali Peter John

Subhash Ghai popularly known as showman of India has been working for almost fifty years now and I have yet to see him not being busy with work.

He has worked as an actor, a writer, a director, a producer and an educanist and he continues to motivate and inspire himself and many others to keep working and to the best and excel in whatever work has to be done.

The last one year has been a very tough time for everyone, but it has been more difficult time for those who have the will and the passion to work and Subhash Ghai has been one man who has been working without a break even during these pandemic and lockdown times.


When every other person is complaining about having no work, Ghai has been working more than he has ever work in his entire career.

He has written three scripts, countless lyrics and songs and has been planning to make three films.

And besides all the work he has become an expert in, he has also been branching out into different fields of work.

I often wonder how this man has done so much of work in one life time when others walk around with pride even if they have done one-tenth of the work he has done.

And only a few days ago, the show man has launched a new film called “Thirty Six palm house”.

The film, he describes as a comic thriller introduces a new actor called ‘Amol Parashar’, who would one more actor launch by Ghai who has given breaks to any number of new comers to our major star today.

Ghai has still to finalaise the other actors and tecnicians but he has recorded the first song of the film in the voice of Sonu Nigam.

subhash ghai cover

The film to be made under the banner of Mukta Searchlight and Zee Studios and will go on the floor as soon as normalcy returns and there are two more films to start soon and Ghai is very optimistic that his film will be made because he belives god is on his side and he has the prayer and good wishes of millions of people with him.

Mr. Show man, aap mein jo baat hai wo har kisi mein nahi hai na ho sakti hai. Aapka hona he ek shandaar dua hai.