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Kangana Is Now Determined To Fight A One-Woman War-And Win

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Ali Peter John

To think of it, I have visualised Kangana Ranaut as a brave and beautiful woman who has always had an independent mind and has had the conviction of her rare courage to fight her way on her own in a world where men still seem to have their way and make all kinds of efforts to see that they have it their way…

Kangana was the girl with the curls who came down the hills with nothing but her innocence about the world she was stepping into. As the world now knows, it was very difficult for her in the initial stages when men who matter did but even think that she mattered and had no chances whatsoever to make it big or even just make it with her only qualification being that she knew nothing. But the determined girl from the hills had made up her mind to show them all that she would find her way one day, come what may.

She had more of downs than ups in the first few years of her career and it seemed like she would have to give up her battle and go back to the hills, but she could never forget the challenge she had given herself and the promise she had made to herself not to go back unless she had made a name for herself and so she stayed on with her glamour and grit leading her on…


The Mumbai film industry was not willing to grant her the success she was desperately looking for and so she decided to grab success all on her own. Her decision paid off when she had three big successes to her name in “Queen” and the “Tanu Weds Manu” sequel. She was a female star who could make films run on her own talent and on her own terms. I still can’t forget how I saw “Queen” in an out of the way multiplex called 24 Karat on three consecutive days and saw the film without my enthusiasm dimming in the least, but only growing with each day and I know that I can still see “Queen” because of the performance of the new queen of the industry…

It looked like all was going to be well all the way, but she had to also face the potholes when she had two flops in a row, Nikhil Advani’s “Katti Batti” in which she had a double role and Hansal Mehta’s “Rangoon”, which was perhaps the first film to get her into a controversy when she is said to have made an attempt to write the dialogues of the film and even claim credit for it, a fact that did not go well with Hansal Mehta who was quite a known name now…


It was the beginning of a series of controversies for Kangana, the first major controversy she got into was when she openly talked about her affair with Hrithik Roshan and in what can be called one of the boldest interviews given by an actress, Kangana lashed out not only on Hrithik, but also his father, Rakesh Roshan and the entire. It was in the fans fiery interview that she spoke about dynasty rule and took on all the Khans and literally tore Karan Johar to pieces. She also used the interview to talk about how actresses were discriminated against on all fronts and especially when it came to the money paid to them. She argued that the actresses put in same kind of hard work as the actor, then why were the actor paid almost double or more of the fee paid to the actors. I and many like me didn’t know if what she was raging against on television was right or wrong, but knowing the industry as it is and has been, it was quite clear that they were not going to let an ordinary girl steal the thunder from them and make them look like pigmis. Mind you, this is a description and a comparison that is not mine only, but of many others, some who were willing to talk about it and some who formed the majority who wanted to try their best to push this controversy under their colourful carpets from Kashmir!!!


It had now become clear to Kangana that all those big names she had taken directly or indirectly were not going to give her work easily and there were men and women who even advised their friends and colleagues not to play with fire (Kangana)…

Kangana, I believe knew that she would have to put up her own fight of she had to survive in an industry which have declared war on her for reasons known and unknown to her. It was while she was in this agitated state of the that she decided to make her own film which she planned as one of the most ambitious films of the times. And what better way could she think of then making “Mankarnika–…..” based on the life of Rani of Jhansi. There were many of her  ‘well wishers’ who were willing to take bets that ‘the mad women was fighting a dangerous battle which she was sure to lose’ and that was the reason that doubled up the courage of Kangana to make the film…


She had controversy for company even while shooting the film. She had major differences with her director, Krissh from the South and he was soon out as the director and Kangana had the guts to take his place and complete the rest of the film. She also had a tiff with Sonu Sood who gave other reasons for his giving up the film, but the reality was that an experienced actor like him found it below his dignity to take directions from a woman. She however continued to work harder and completed the film to the surprise and even the shock of many…

It was time again for her to get into a controversy. She wanted the support of some big names from the industry to promote her film, but to her anger and anguish, she found out that very few of them were willing to put themselves into any kind of trouble. Kangana continued her war single-handedly and led “Mankarnika–……” to the kind of success which not many of her well-wishers could digest..


She had taken a decision that if the big name didn’t want her, she would make herself wanted by the people by working with smaller banners and filmmakers who were not as big as the names that ruled the industry. And among the first few films she signed was Balaji’s “Mental Hai kya” with Rajkummar Rao, her hero of “Queen” as her hero. It was controversy chasing her again, this time about the title of the film which had ultimately be changed to “Judgemental Hai Kya”? The film is due for release soon and I know there will be lakhs of people who would like to see their “Queen” succeed even as a mental case as many believed she is even in real life.

Kangana is following the same pattern of working her own way to succeed in a world where following the trend is the only way to succeed.

Kangana Ranaut style of going about making her films will continue with “Dhaakad”(will the clever and courageous Kangana tell me and the world what this word means?).


Describing the film, Ms Kontroversial Kangana says, “After the success of ‘Manikarnika’, it has been proven that audience across the globe are loving larger than life films with a female hero. ‘Dhaakad’ is not only a benchmark film for my career but will be a turning point for Indian cinema as well. The film is mounted on a large scale, is one of a kind female led action film, and is apt for a Diwali release. If it is received well, there will be no looking back for women in Indian Cinema.”

The film will be directed by Razneesh Ghai, which will be jointly produced by Sohel Maklai Productions and Asylum Films and co-produced by Qyuki Digital Media. The film will hit the screens on Diwali 2020.

And the woman who is now known for her ‘pangas'(controversies) next has “Panga” lined up for release. The film is directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, of “Bareilly Ki Barfi” and “Nil Battey Sannata” fame. Ashwiny chose a unique way to announce the film as she shared a video featuring snapshots of its cast members including Kangana Ranaut, Neena Gupta and Jassie Gill with their family.

Talking about “Panga” Ms Kontroversy said, “It hasn’t been an easy journey. But my family give me the strength to face it all.”


“Panga” is said to be the story of a new-age family who challenges stereotypes and dares to dream. It promises to reaffirm the belief that nothing is impossible for a family which laughs, cries and dreams together.

Kangana, will play a Kabbadi player in the film, said, “When Ashwiny narrated the story of Panga, I was completely moved. My family has been my pillar of strength and have always stood by me in thick and thin. I could really relate to the emotions of the film. Plus, Ashwiny is known for her slice-of-life films and I loved her recent work Bareilly Ki Barfi. Panga is doubly special for me as for the first time, I will play the role of a National-level Kabbadi player. That’s going to be challenging for sure! I am looking forward to some exciting times with Ashwiny and the Fox Star team.”

I don’t think Kangana will change now. I don’t want her to change now. I know she may have made rivals and even made enemies by hurting (?) them with her razor-sharp statements, but that is the price she will have to pay and will not mind paying because she knows and all those who know anything about life know that it is a must to be what Kangana is today to be known as a path-finder and a trail-blazer who cannot only lead the women of the future but–also the MAN.

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