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Kangana Ranaut Speaks Being And Outsider And Much More


Kangana Ranaut who was seen unveiling her next feature film’s trailer yesterday spoke about the controversy surrounding the movie’s original title, Mental Hai Kya.

After launching the trailer, Kangana spoke about the controversy surrounding the movie’s original title, Mental Hai Kya.

Kangana said, “Whenever anything is of Kangana Ranaut, lots of people have several problems. If we outsiders even breathe, there are people who have a problem with that. Keeping all that in mind, even we have learnt to make our way through it and ensure that no one has to face any inconvenience, even if it means that I have to face some inconvenience in return.”

Kangana Ranaut also stated that the word ‘mental’ was banned recently. She said, “There were several cases and threats against us. The South Indian original of Salman Khan’s Kick is called Mental. But we were informed that these words were banned just a few weeks ago.”

Kangana concluded by revealing why she chose to do Judgementall Hai Kya even when initially she was not keen on doing a thriller. She said, “The film is not structured only around metal illness, offering a solution at the end. A mainstream heroine is always happy and chirpy – loved by all. But we haven’t seen a girl with her own issues and on medications. A mainstream heroine who is dealing with a mental illness and trying to fight it. It is not a sob story. She is doing her business, her job and trying to see the silver lining.”

Judgementall Hai Kya is all set to release on July 26, 2019.

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