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Kangana Will Soon Forget Who She Is And Live The Life Of “Thalaivi”, J.Jayalalitha…


Ali Peter John

There have been different schools, institutions, genres and movements in Indian cinema, but the way the most controversial, beautiful and talented Kangana Ranaut is going, it seems like she is determined to form her own school of filmmaking. She has been proving this ever since she played the queen in “Queen” and ended up with a mighty film like “Manikarnika–The Queen of Jhansi”, in which she broke all traditions and defied the forces working against her, especially the big names of mainstream Hindi cinema who she had challenged and fought fearlessly and had succeeded in silencing them.

After doing a film like “Manikarnika–….”, she knew that she would have to make the impossible possible.

It was while she was working on various subjects that the idea of making a very ambitious biopic on the late woman Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, who was also a successful actress in Tamil films, struck her and it didn’t take her long to decide to make the biopic, whatever the world would say or try to do.

Kangana knew that it was going to be a very task, but like what she has been doing in recent years, she decided to stick to her guns.

Kangana has been working her life out making preparations to play her role with passion. It is difficult to imagine that the girl who came down the hills of Himachal Pradesh could take lessons in learning Tamil, which was the language of Jayalalitha. She went several steps ahead and mastered the Bharatnatyam form of classical dance which was a forte of Jayalalitha when she was an actress, making a formidable team with M.G Ramachandran who also was her political mentor. Kangana has sat through long hours of prosthetics to make herself look like Jayalalitha in every way and she has also mastered all the late leader’s mannerisms and movements. She took her entire team to Manali very close to her house worked there for several months. All is set for the film to be called “Thalaivi” to go on the sets. Kangana is going to work out a plan to keep everything about the “Thalaivi” a secret. But of one thing I am sure, no step can be taken without the stamp and style of Kangana, the determined and dedicated woman who is going all out to create her own empire, without depending on any of the big names in Mumbai or anywhere else. It is Kangana’s ambition to see “Thalaivi” as one of the most ambitious and expensive films of 2020.

Incidentally, even as the critics of Kangana keep growing, there are some of her die-hard admirers like Tigmanshu Dhulia, one of the major and multi-talented makers who is known for his eye for talent in a recent talk praised Kangana to the hills of Himachal and said that Kangana Ranaut was the best female actor in India, and she was truly magic onscreen. When categorically asked if Kangana was better than the legendary actors like Waheeda Rehman, he stated that undoubtedly Waheedaji was a great actor, but the range of roles and characters Kangana has played is entirely different and unlike anyone else. Interestingly, after the release of “Manikarnika”, Waheedaji herself had praised Kangana’s performance and direction.

The queen is on the march again. Can anyone stop her, especially all those who bayed for her blood and even wanted to ban her working in the industry?


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