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Kapil Is Not Gender Biased At All.Kapil Is Ready To Accept A Girl/Boy As The New Entrant In The Family


Lipika Varma

Kapil Sharma ,Archana Puran Singh and Kiku Sharda were present at the ,” Angry Birds” Trailer launch press meet…Kapil Sharma will be bringing the hot headed –Red bird to life through his voice-The film is all set to release August 23rd,2019.

Kapil Sharma is all enthused about turning a father .Kapil is not gender based at all.Kapil is ready to accept a Girl/boy as the new entrant in the family….Kapil is waiting to enjoy parenthood experiences soon e says.

Kapil Sharma seems to have changed after his marriage ask him this he says about his reactions on the trollers?” I think I have become more mature after marriage. Men become slightly  cooler I suppose after marriage.” says Kapil with a smile.

Kapil who will be turning a father soon ask him if he is expecting a boy or a girl and will they like,’ Angry birds ‘when they watch it after they grow a bit? Really speaking god decides the destiny. I would not know if a baby girl is born or I get a boy. I will be happy even if I get a girl or a boy. Also, I will only want him or her to be born healthy and remain healthy after his/her birth as well.”

Adding further if his new born after he grows which of his films him/her may like? During his growing age,I am sure my child-boy or a girl, will not like to straight away watch,”Sholay” he/she will love watching these children’s’ films indeed.”


Preparing for parenthood are you taking any tips from your friends? I will not take any break from my show.Infact I will ask my producer to increase a few more episodes. While soon, turning a father. I am very happy about this new entrant in our family. I am not very social at all. Neither is I a party bug. I stay at home most of my leisure hours are spent with my family at home .it’s great that one more member is soon entering our family. I will enjoy with this new entrant.I am sure with him/her we will have to give most of our time.’

Kapil tried to speak his dialogues like Dharmender and Nana Patekar in,” Angry Birds “film. So, at what juncture did he use the voice of these veterans ? Actually, speaking Dharmender is a huge actor. I cannot imitate him at all. But yes, whenever as the Red Bird I have to narrate the angry dialogues-knowingly or unknowingly I brought in Dharm paji’s voice and everyone present there liked it.’

Elaborating on using Nana Patekar’s voice he says,” I liked the dialogue said by Nana …Tarif karao…achcha lagta hai tariff karna.So whenever I had to praise something I used Nana’s voice.’

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