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2017 witnessed a famous mid-air brawl between two comedians who were coming back from a successful show from Australia. and just in a flash, everything changed between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover. Sunil decided to quit one of nation's most popular TV show and along with Sunil, few other members of the Kapil Sharma Show left the show following his footsteps. The show got shelved and what followed was a lot of confusion, allegations and mud-slinging. However, Kapil Sharma is back with his film Firangi which hits the theatres next month and the comic artist has finally opened up on his much-talked-about controversy with Sunil.

At the Firangi trailer launch yesterday, Kapil finally decided to open up about all controversies that have been plaguing him for sometime now. The actor finally seems to be ready to fight his demons and when quizzed about his fallout with Sunil Grover and the whole Australia incident, the actor said, "I'm not God. Har insaan galti karta hai. Jab main pareshaan hota hu na, I'm from Punjab so.... I was a little upset already. We've to manage a lot of things when we go as a team. "

He also added, "Sunil ke saath mera kabhi jhagdaa hua hi nahi hai. I love him. Best logo ke saath kaam karna achcha lagta hai." Kapil went on to say that he was already upset because he lost one of his colleagues during the shoot and was nervous to go back to work after this unfortunate incident.

Kapil then went on to talk about the episode itself and said, "Just before the show started, two artists started fighting. I have a habit, because the show is in my name The Kapil Sharma Show. So this girl came to me and complained about my friend. I shouted at him and abused him and he abused me back. Chandan my friend checked out of the room and went missing for five days. I wanted to apologise to him I was worried too, but I could not. He was my childhood friend and I wanted to hear his side of the story too."

Then Kapil narrated the mid air fight by saying, "When I saw him at the airport after five days I was angry again so I abused him. Chandan also abused back, but nobody talked about that. Now Sunil was also there and he was worried for me. But actually let me tell you, I've known Sunil for nine years now. He could have just come and asked me what's the matter, I've never seen you like this before. But anyway we had no fight and he knows I love him."

Whoa! That is quite a revelation! What's your take on this? Let us know by writing into the comments section below.

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