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The past year was very tough on Kapil Sharma due to his infamous mid-air fight with Sunil Grover and his highly rated The Kapil Sharma Show going off-air as he struggled to keep up the TRPs.

After a break, comedian Kapil Sharma is back on television with his new show, Family Time with Kapil Sharma. The show met with a lukewarm response due to its changed concept. Just a few days back Kapil and Sunit got into a Twitter argument, making it evident that they have not been able to move on.

But despite all the fights and arguments, Ali Asgar who was a part of TKSS decided to let the bygones be bygones. Ali took to Twitter and wished Kapil luck for his new show. He tweeted;  “Entertainment is back ..all the best Kapil @KapilSharmaK9 May u Rock wit family times.. @SonyTV,” he wrote on Monday.

This message made Kapil emotional and nostalgic. He replied, “Thank u  ali   bhai   .. ..  it’s the same floor where we used to shoot comedy nights ..  I only know how I am shooting without u guys .. love u.”

Is this a sign that Ali might join in Kapil Sharma for his new show?

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