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Filmmaker Karan Johar is not just Dharma Productions head, but also a famous award show host, chat show host and radio jockey. But even when he earns with his voice, there was a time when he was teased for his ‘girlish voice’ as a child.

The filmmaker revealed the biggest Hichki in his life to his friend Rani Mukerji and how he overcomes it. Rani Mukerji is back with her movie that is about overcoming obstacles in life and in a series of promotional videos, the actress quizzed B-Town celebs like Shah Rukh Khan, Anil Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and now Karan Johar.

“When I was a child, there were many ‘Hichki’ moments. The one that I wouldn’t have changed today, is that I had a very girlish voice when I was a child. I had a very squeaky voice and I used to get teased a lot,” Johar told Rani Mukerji.

Karan said he found a teacher who helped instill confidence in him about his voice. “At those times, societal pressures were such that it (my voice) was a big ‘hichki’. I felt lesser and I was made to feel abnormal. And I felt like I needed to overcome this to be the person that I wanted to be. But today, times are different and we are all more evolved. I hope that if this kind of a hiccup comes in people’s lives that they shouldn’t change their core persona. But I did”.

Hichki is slated to release on 23 March. The movie is about an aspiring teacher with Tourette syndrome.

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