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Karan Johar is the biggie in B-Town. He is one of the most successful directors in Bollywood. Not just he entertains the audience with his films, but also he is a great host, RJ, and fashion designer. The director is quite vocal about his opinions on various issues.

Recently at an event, the director opened up about Autism and his childhood. Karan said it is parents responsibility to create a safe atmosphere for their kids. He also added that as a kid, he was even scared of what the society would think of him because he was different than others.

According to India Forums, Karan Johar said, “Being scared and terrified is a part of our lives. Of course, when I was small I used to get scared of many things. I always used to feel that I am different from other kids and because of which I used to be more scared if (the society) would accept me. I can’t say that my situation is like them (Autism kids) but, I do understand their situation on how it feels to fear to go outside and mingle. I think it is our responsibility to create an atmosphere to make sure that all these children feel free to come out and live.”

“I think I am very fortunate enough that I have such understanding parents. The love, support and understanding I got from them was very progressive. They always understood me and never made me feel that I sometimes I behave differently than others for which I feel that their support was everything for me. The most important thing is you should allow your children to fly. Not just children with a special need but, if your child shows you one speciality in them it doesn’t mean that you make kid progress in that particular thing only. Let them search their own talent and needs please,” added KJo.

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