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Karan Johar shares his most embarrassing story


We are never comfortable talking about diarrhoea, commonly known as loose motions, but we all have been through this in our lives. It gets really embarrassing when you have to explain your frequent visits to the loo. Imagine a situation when you have loose motion attack and there is no toilet nearby? You just gotta do it anyhow because you cannot help it. Something similar happened with Bollywood ace filmmaker Karan Johar in 2000. This is the most embarrassing story in Karan’s life that he recently shared in an interview with Film Companion.

When Karan was asked about the most embarrassing incident of his life, he said; “So, I got the loosies one day in the middle of Egypt, while we were shooting Sooraj Huya Madham (Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham). I got a bad loose motions attack. And we were in this location where there were these lime stone structures and I just had to go behind one of them.”

“I went very far and there was this other person who was having the similar problem and he was behind another lime stone. And, we both stared at each other, we both knew we were hiding. And it was the most embarrassing emotion. He stared at me and I stared at him and we were both in squat positions and I was like, ‘I am gonna die’ because he found the limestone, as did I, and we both thought we won’t tell anyone. But, it was a very bad attack that I had. I couldn’t help it. The vanity van was two kilometers away. Yeah, so. It’s called Far Fara dessert, where we shot that part. And it has my remains for life now.”

“I have never looked at him in the same way after that experience and he is still very much in the company,” he concluded.

Only Karan Johar can be this honest about his experiences!

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