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Karishma Kotak Brings To Us An IPL Treat With CricTracker


Karishma Kotak has proven to be the best at whatever she does, whether it be acting, modeling or presenting on TV. But Kingfisher Calendar girl Karishma has admitted she loves hosting cricket more than her other two profiles – Jyothi Venkatesh

This year Karishma will be seen hosting a show called ‘Not Just a Cricket Show’ on the biggest online platform for cricket, CricTracker and it will mark a really high point in her career.

From the first year she hosted IPL 6 in 2013 ,her passion and enthusiasm for the hosting job has only increased in multitudes with every passing year.

Karishma comments about anchoring the country’s favorite sport event of the year, “Hosting a cricket game is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done. It is so close to my heart that it hardly feels like work.

It is like my second nature, I might say, to entertain, to make people feel welcome and honored to attend the game.

I feel that the host plays the most important part as they engage and keep the crowd hooked on as well have an influencing effect on them. I am extremely proud to have this opportunity time and again and I hope people keep supporting me just as they are now.”

From hosting the World Cup in 2019 to presenting various national and regional cricket leagues, Karishma is nothing less than a star in the sports anchoring field. Don’t forget to watch it live from 26th March to 29th May.

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