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What keeps Varun Dhawan grounded?


The superstar in making, Varun Dhawan is on a roll after his critically acclaimed performance in October. The actor continues to choose versatile roles over what is commercially viable and has no qualms in saying things like, “Films to me are good or bad. I never go by how big or small they are. A filmmaker and his vision matters to me the most. I was the last one to be cast in October and that’s how it should be. Casting certain actors solely because unki picture chal rahi hai is not the right thing to do. I don’t care what people feel but I have no qualms in saying that I needed a film like an October the most at this stage of my career than anyone else and it was nowhere a risk.”

When asked what keeps him grounded despite the early success, the actor said, “I don’t know if I am doing things right or wrong. That’s for you to decide. I think a lot depends not only on the family and upbringing but the kind of people that surround you. People close to you influence you a lot and luckily I have the right people around me, who are honest with me. I’ve always believed that one should never believe in your own hype. The connect you find with your fans, when they say they are proud of you and your work also keep you grounded.”

We wish the actor stays the same and he doesn’t change a bit!

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