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After five long years since her last album Warrior came out, Kesha is finally back with a bang and has rolled out her long-awaited album Rainbow. The album is Kesha’s first outing after the infamous sexual-abuse lawsuit with her close friend and producer “Dr. Luke” Gottwald. The 14-track Rainbow is a flagrant, exasperate response to the Tik-Tok singer’s battle with the judiciary that constructed a crate encaging all her feelings as a singer, leaving her hollow with some frustration —but also a dominant pop album more likely to huddle the audience’s attraction.

In the album, she goes on to refer Dr. Luke, as “the boogeyman under [her] bed” in Letting Go. The album comes across a vent slamming ‘everyone’ who has done her wrong. The voice although belongs to Kesha, but the story might resemble every woman who’s living in the era of “locker-room talk”.

The Kesha we have been listening to all these years is not even close to the one in Rainbow. This one is unapologetically blunt, honest and unseen Kesha—her voice is more recognizable than ever before. She isn’t the typical pop singer, her voice is loud and clear: only for the ones who are willing to go beyond easy listening and interpret the depth.

You go girl!

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