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Keshav Arya’s Film ‘Antarvyathaa’ Gets A Release After Getting Applauded At Festivals


Jyothi Venkatesh

It happens very rarely that after showing in film festivals and getting so many awards, a film gets released in theaters too. Keshav Arya’s movie ‘Antarvyatha’ has the good fortune that after screening in the film festivals, the film is releasing in December, after receiving 4 awards in 14 film festivals, including Best Debut Film Maker, Best Director, Best Actor. Keshav Arya, who has been associated with theater for almost 20 years, has also made a lot of short films. Keshav Arya says, “The release of films nowadays has become a big challenge, but I am happy that our film is being released.  Since the films shown in the festival do not have songs, later we have added songs to it for release in theaters. Kabira fame Tochi Raina has given beautiful music in it. It has a total of four songs. The title song of the film is quite effective.”  Keshav Arya is extremely thankful to the film’s three producers Bharat Kavad, Dinesh Ahir and Deepak Vashisht who are bringing the film to theaters.The film has actors like Hemant Pandey, Kuldeep Darren, Gulshan Pandey while Keshav Arya has also acted in it. Describing the one-liner of the film ‘Antarvyatha’ , Keshav Arya says, “Every man has an intuition. The film is based on this one liner. We often lie in our childhood, but it remains in our mind that we have lied and the person keeps on realizing the mistake of telling that lie. A person can hide his mistakes from other people, but he cannot hide it from himself. A human has to withstand the inner anguish that results from that mistake. He has to fight with himself. This is what this movie shows.

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