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Kettan Singh’s new video will have you literally rolling on the floor laughing!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Kettan Singh is surely leaving no stone unturned to in keeping his fans entertained during this tough time. The actor, who has been seen in the show Shankar Jai Kishan, often puts up videos on Instagram where he is seen imitating the big names of the industry. And all we can say is that he has us in splits in no time!His most recent one, captioned as, “Naseer Saab ko Gussa kyun aata hai ! (sic)” is so hilarious. This is a conversation between him and Naseeruddin Shah, except he is imitating Naseeruddin. And he does this flawlessly. Not only is his voice just like the legend’s but if the way he laughs in between and the pause which he takes mirrors the way the actor talks. Check it out!

His earlier videos imitating Hrithik Roshan and Farah Akhtar have also been loved by his fans.  Asked him how he came up with the idea of “Munna Munny videos”, the “Shankar Jaikishan 3 in 1” actor said, “It just started during the lockdown. I found this filter and told my mom to ask me something, basic childhood stuff that has happened with me. You won’t believe I was very bad at nursery rhymes and couldn’t differentiate between a couple of Hindi alphabets till class 9th. So, when I found that baby face filter, my mom was sitting just next to me, and I told her to ask me to count from one to ten and give me a good scolding if I am not able to do so. And that’s how ‘Munna Mummy’ started.”

“I only make them when I get a good idea, and not on random stuff. And my mom gets a laughter kick, if she starts laughing once, she can go on for a long time. So, everyone loved it, and in fact, my mom got hugely appreciated. Now, if I post a video alone or with someone else, everyone asks me ‘Where is aunty?’,” he added.There is something else about his social media accounts that connects him with his fans. Even though he has been in the industry for quite some time you wouldn’t find any glammed up photos of him on social media, it’s all real. Believe it or not, if he posts a “straight out of bed” look, it will actually be a straight out of bed look.