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‘Khubsoorat’ B’day Girl Rekha-Naayika Aur Gaayika Bhi !  


Chaitanya  Padukone

The gorgeous super-talented Rekha  ( actual name Bhanurekha Ganesan ) who celebrates her 65th B’day, today,  has always defied  the ageing process,  looking much-younger year-after-year ! Besides her versatile award-winning performances in Hindi movies like ‘Khubsoorat, Khoon Bhari Maang, Silisila, Ghar, Kalyug, Mr. Natwarlal. Rampur Ka Lakshman, Ijaazat, Utsav and of course Umrao Jaan.  Noted filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali labels her as  “the last of the great stars”, while Gulzar-saab calls her as “one of the most passionate charismatic actresses who adds that X-factor to her screen-performances”. Not many are aware,  that thanks to guidance from the likes of Gulzar-saab, the ever-willing-to-learn Rekha knows dozens of  inspiring sher-shaayri and poetic verses both in Hindi-Urdu and recites them with consummate ease with perfect diction .in her husky, sensuous voice. The agile dancer Rekha, also has an ardent flair for music and singing and you can hear her humming one of her favourite songs almost all the time, when she is not facing the camera. This senior journalist has attended ‘gaayika’ Rekha’s song-recording at Film Center. It was a peppy duet-track with  eminent playback singer Shailendra Singh. The song which goes ‘Kal Toh Sunday Ki Chutti ’ from movie ‘Agar Tum Na Hote’ (1983) was composed by the legendary R D Burman who had also made her previously playback-sing a few lines for two songs in ‘Khubsoorat’(1980). The otherwise stunning Rekha came in a no-make-up ‘de-glam’ avataar, which pleasantly shocked all the musicians and guests. Which had made R D Burman quip, “Rekha has come for this recording only as a dedicated play-back singer and not as the film-star. She has rehearsed many times for this romantic song .   I must say Rekha has a terrific music-sense and sings in perfect rhythm,” shared Pancham-Da ( RDB) after the recording.

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