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I don’t know if my thought coincides with the lines of the poet William Wordsworth or any other poet, but I know that there is some truth in the saying that many a flower blossoms in the dust or in the muck – Ali Peter John

In the case of khushboo, it almost becomes a truth because she is nothing but a flower who was born and grew up in one of the slums of Mumbai and is today one of the leaders of the Congress party, but she has had to go threw a long and sometimes painful struggle to rise above the muck she once used to play in.

Khushboo started her career as a child artist and was known as baby khushboo. She could have continued living in the muck, but it was her very worthy wise mother who saw and alternate life for her.

She was actives by one of her friends to let her pretty baby work in films as a child artist and she took the advice seriously.

It took her very little time to know the tactics of how to promote her daughter and accompanied the daughter to every studio, office and have meetings with directors and others who could give the little girl the role of a child .

In a short time, baby khushboo was one of the most promising and popular child artists of Hindi cinema.

She had an added qualification, she could play both a boy and a girl, which made it easy for her to find more and more work.

Her career as a child artist lasted for more than 10 years and her last film as baby khushboo was ” Dard ka rishta” ,which was directed by Sunil Dutt and in which she played a cancer patient on the verge of death.

She vanished from the seen for quite some time, but when she came back at the age of 16, she was a beautiful young woman all set to set the screens ablaze.

She however was in a hurry to make it big because that was the ambition of her mother who was still her guide and manager more than her mother.

She made a big mistake by agreeing to play the role of a sister in Subhash Ghai’s ‘Meri jung’, with Javed jaferi as her lover in the film.

The film ‘ Meri Jung’ however did not do anything good to her, but she kept going because that was the only lesson her mother who was an illiterate Muslim women had taught her.

Her determination and her mother’s inspiration led her to do leading roles in films like ‘Jannu’ with Jackie Shroff as her hero, but the film flopped miserably.

The only other film she had on hand was a sex based film called ‘Sautela pati’ which was directed by B.R.Ishara who was popularly known as the ‘ high priest of sex in Indian cinema’.

This film, too flopted and khushboo who had now dropped the Baby from her name was all at sea and could not find a shelter or a short.

But , as long as she had her mother by her side, she had nothing to worry. Her father was an ordinary electrician who had a khokha (temporary shock) in the Juhu market and was considered a good for nothing man by both the mother and daughter.

The mother worked out one more plan and this time it was a very successful plan. She left for Madras with her daughter and without letting her husband know.

The mother went back to her days of making her daughter popular and it took only a few months to make her daughter khusboo a major start in Tamil films and then in other films made in the south.

A time came when she was proclaimed as the number 1 actress of the South and some of her crazy fans even went to the extent of building a temple in the name ‘Devi khushboo’ which was visited by thousands of people everyday and the donation boxes placed at the entrance usefully full of money by night.

People even came from sri Lanka and other countries in the gulf to pay their homage to the new goddess.

But her career as an actress received a major Jolt when she had an affair with Prabhu, the son of the ‘ God of acting’ , Sivaji Ganesan which led to her being banned by all the leading filmmakers in Tamil Naidu and her career almost came to an end.

But she was still not willing to throw in the tower and got involved in politics and first joined the DMK party which she left when she was not given enough importance and joined the Congress, who’s spokesperson she is today.

The baby from the slums of Mumbai is one of the leading citizens of Chennai’. She has her own bungalow and a large property which includes land and other belongings.

She is now married to an ex- actor Sundar and is now called Amma. She doesn’t have any roles as an actress, but she has made a name that will be remembered whenever the history of Tamil films is written.

Incidentally the temple of Devi khushboo no longer exist, which is quite a simple of how a women rises from nowhere, becomes a fake goddess and then falls from graze and lives with only her memories for company.

I have been a witness to the lisping baby to the queen and the leader she has tried to be, and even succeeded and even failed.

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