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Jyothi Venkatesh

Khsuhboo Kamal is over the moon as her niece, Lakshitta R Shukla, turned one recently. The actress says it was a very emotional, yet the happiest moment of her life.The “Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai” actress shared details about her niece’s birthday and said, “I am so happy, she is finally one. We went to the temple with her. We wanted to organize a havan on her birthday, but because of the pandemic, we couldn’t. In fact, we had planned a grand celebration, but we couldn’t because of the current situation in the country. So, it was just family and close friends.

It was emotional, yet the happiest moment of my life.”The beautiful actress says that she treats her niece, who they lovingly call “Puchu”, like her daughter. She also mentioned that they had been celebrating her birthday every month and added, “She came to Mumbai when she turned six-months-old and I celebrated her half-year birthday then. And when she turned one I was just so happy, I got very emotional too. She calls me “maasi maa”. My sister’s family and my family, we all celebrated her big day together.”

She is blessed with a niece and a nephew and says she considers them her world.“Kids give you energy, positivity, stress-buster, they are such innocent souls. For me, both the kids in my family, my niece Lakshitta and my nephew Daksh, are like a blessing from god. I live for them. They are my energy-booster. They are my world,” she said.    Khushboo’s birthday come on April 13 and she says she celebrates her birthday with the same excitement every year. However, celebrating her niece’s birthday made her realize that birthdays are very special.

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