Khushboo Tiwari KT and Lovely Kajal's Chhath song 'Bhar Dihi Godiya Hamar' released from Worldwide Records

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Khushboo Tiwari KT and Lovely Kajal's Chhath song 'Bhar Dihi Godiya Hamar' released from Worldwide Records

It is well known that whoever believes in Chhath Mata with true heart and observes Chhath Puja fast, Mother definitely fulfills all his wishes. Chhath Puja is performed with full devotion and devotion for the birth of a son and the well-being of the child. It would be less to describe the glory of Chhath Puja, the great festival in which the rising and setting sun is worshiped. To glorify this Maha Puja, Worldwide Records has come up with a very lovely heart-touching Chhath Puja song 'Bhar Dihi Godiya Hamar'. In the video of which actress Lovely Kajal is shown as a cultured daughter-in-law, who is worshiping and fasting on Chhath Mata to get a son. This song is sung by Khushboo Tiwari KT in a melodious voice. This Chhath song has been released on the official YouTube channel of Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. Khushboo Tiwari KT's voice and Lovely Kajal's acting in this song is very pleasing. A unique combination of tune and acting is being created in no time. By watching and listening to this song, reverence and devotion towards Chhath Maa is increasing a lot. This song is heart-touching. In the video, lovely Kajal wearing a yellow saree in a traditional look is looking very sad. Through songs, Chhath is seeking a wish from Mata to have a child and talks about fulfilling the wish when a son is born. While performing Chhath puja, she says, 'Nirjal rahi o Chhathi Mai, hum kari barat tohar ho, Sunali arjiya e Chhathi Mai, Bhari dihi Godiya hamaar ho... Sunali arjiya O Chhathi Mai, Bhari dihi godiya hamaar ho...


Ratnakar Kumar is the producer of Chhath song 'Bhar Dihi Godiya Hamar' presented by Worldwide Records. This song has been filmed very well. How to prepare for Chhath Puja and perform puja is shown in this video song. The singer of this song is Khushboo Tiwari KT, who has sung in a very melodious voice. Actress Lovely Kajal has given an amazing performance in the video song. Musician Rahul Yadav has decorated this song written by lyricist Yadav Raj with melodious music. The video director is Aryan Dev, choreographer is Ashok Samrat. All rights of this song are with Worldwide Records.

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