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Kirti Kulhari talks exclusively about the monotonous life of human beings. Who have turned as robots


Kirti Kulhari and Anagad Bedi turn as a couple coming together as leads for an upcoming film,” The List ” written and directed by Gaurav Dave. Kirti once again choses out of the box concept .The film is a commentary on how robotic our human lives have become. It also showcases how monotony and mechanical life may sound harmless concepts but is capable of killing us, slowly and steadily.


Kirti Kulhari coming up again with an out of the box story with ,’The List’ as usual what do you have to say?

It feels personally nice when someone says,”phir se ek baar kuch naya” This has become my introduction. You feel nice but it is the only way to work. I feel interesting things come naturally to me.For me this kind of stuff feels homecoming. Everyone has a different list, aspirations and their own comfort zone. For me this is what I love doing. This story is really being presented for the first time. I have never seen or heard anything close to it.I think when this script came to me I felt very excited and happy and agreed to be a part of it instantly.

We lose emotions that the story suggests, which is very close to reality in the mundane life we really have no time to spend with our dear ones? What is your take?

We are trying to reflect upon it in the film. We are losing the humanness in us.In our daily mundane life we are almost programmed intangible list.We are going about a robot in our daily lives.We are indeed losing our connection with ourselves too.And with people around us whether its our partner or our family.Its almost because all of us running in the same rat race,no one is questioning this as this has become the new norm are all just following the same rut life.

Does this happen only in metros cities?

One is metro life but having said that the small towns/cities too have a list to complete in their daily routine.We all need to sit back and reflect upon and make a choice-it’s really about-How do you want to live.I feel life is to be lived not going from one point to another, and picking the list.It’s all about living it up with good bad and ugly. It’s becoming like escapism. We are not caring about our emotions, our feelings, our conditioning. It takes a lot more effort to confront things. We are all taking the easier route drowning in the special media world believing in our heads it’s the real world and looking for validation through the virtual space, all this is consumerism. Hoping we talk is like therapy. It feels good. These things are mixed trying to talk about it in this film.

Any message through your life experiences how to create more emotional relationships and parents and others?

Like in earlier times we would meet our relatives often and being in the family keeping close bonds is the basic core solution. We need to find time for ourselves. You need to take some time off from your daily routine. You have to disconnect and question and sit with yourself, you need to contemplate and try to understand a few things.Give time to things you really enjoy doing rather than just following your routine.

How do you get away from the mundaneness of your life?

I travel a lot.Mumbai is my workplace but apart from that I like to spend time enjoying nature. I think nature is a great way of getting routed. I also take a break from social media from gadgets, it is a small step but it goes a long way. I also try to read books are something people should attempt. I read books on spirituality; hear lectures on spirituality almost on a daily basis. I spend time with my family on different occasions that I can.These are a few things I treasure away from the world and madness of this world.

Lastly,exhibiting films on Platform is not sensitive enough with its concept as there is no censorship. Is it good/bad, what’s your opinion?

For OTT,there is no active censorship so I like it personally. That puts on more responsibility on the makers what they need to make and show. They can be true to their subject. When you put this responsibility on the makers that’s a better way as the onus lies on the filmmakers. But there are people who will miss it, there is a flip side of everything.Anyways, I feel the makers need to be given freedom to make what they want to make.

Credit By – Lipika Varma

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