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Krishn’s Encounter With Devotee Sridama Enlightens Him About The 100 Year Separation Curse From Radha!  

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Jyothi Venkatesh

From Vrishbhaan’s sacrifice for Radha and Krishn’s marriage to Kans sending his demon to destroy one of the wedding ceremonies, Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s larger than life mythological love story RadhaKrishn has recently witnessed some high voltage drama on the show!With one of its biggest wedding ceremonies of Radha and Krishn coming up, the obstacles that have come in the way of their wedding, are just seeming to build up, having gotten Radha very tensed about what will happen next! Not being able to do anything about her father’s sacrifice as well as not being able to convey her worries to Krishn on the other hand, Radha is quite in a dilemma and Krishn who can sense something wrong is once again put up for another challenge! Ahead in RadhaKrishn, Radha is upset and tensed about her father’s sacrifice to get her married to Krishn. She isn’t able to convey her worries to Krishn, but he can sense that something is wrong. He ends up meeting one of his old devotees Sridama, who reminds him of a 100 year separation curse from Radha. Krishn puts two and two together and realizes why all the obstacles coming their way are trying to ruin the wedding. It then comes as a major realization to Krishn that he cannot marry Radha, and the couple would have to take the final decision in regards with their marriage.


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