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I feel very proud and even ashamed to see how my one time neighbour from Yari Road in Mumbai is growing and growing into one of the most well-known celebrities of the country – ALI Peter John

I feel my heart dancing with joy when I see her striding like a queen with several tough security men surrounding on her sides in what is called ” Y ” security which is given or gifted to very few Indians

She added to all my reasons to be proud for her when she was conferred with the Padmashri which President Ram Nath Kovind looked extremely pleased to place on the lapel of her designer blouse in the grand ceremony at the Vigyan Bhavan and the cameras went crazy , which was something that didn’t happen when the old woman who was also decorated with the Padmashri received the award from the President .

But within no time , madam Kangana Ranaut was back to her shocking and controversial ways .

She was speaking at a function organised by a leading TV channel where she blew the brains of all those dignitaries present when she said that India didn’t gain independence in August 1947 but in May 2014 .

There were some enlightened people who clapped when she said this , but when this statement made by her went viral , there was anger , hatred and indifference.

It seemed like the people of India were not prepared for a blistering shock like this from an actress who are generally taken as dumb dolls or puppets in the hands of those with the power to play around with them .

But the statement had hurt where it hurt most and people kept reeling under Kangana’s blow for days ….

But , before this controversy could sink in , the ever so brave and controversy – loving Kangana created one more hard – hitting controversy when she attacked the father of the Nation , Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy of ahimsa ( non violence) .

She said that it was not right to say that if one was slapped on one cheek , he or she should turn the other cheek .

She also made a wild statement when she almost accused Gandhi of being against Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Shaheed Bhagat Singh and she went several steps ahead and claimed that Gandhi wanted to get Netaji arrested by the British when he returned to India and she finally quoted some sources to say that Gandhi in fact wanted Bhagat Singh to be hanged .

She had to just make these heart burning and mind stirring “accusations” when what was expected happened .

Almost all the political parties asked for her Padmashri to be taken back . Some even asked for her arrest and FIRs were filed against her in different parts of the country .

The fire Kangana stoked is still burning and it is still very early to say how it will end .

And the way Kangana is going , it is difficult to say anything about her future . Will she be more careful when making such delicate ( notorious ) statements in the near future ?

And for god’s sake what does she gain by all the bad blood she is creating in the country which is going through difficult phase ?

And will those in power do something to stop their favourite actress before she causes any more damage to us all ?

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