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Kunal Nirola Get Candid About The Love For His Country On Independence Day

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Jyothi Venkatesh

Kunal Nirola says that the feeling of patriotism runs deep in the citizens of India and does not only surface on Independence Day. “I do not agree that the feeling of patriotism comes up only during 15 August because whenever we watch the news and we get to know that India has won in the Olympics or has won cricket or football, the feeling which we get and that happiness which we experience that time is part of patriotism. Even when something unfortunate happens on the border, we do feel sad and get angry even that is a patriotic feeling, according to me,” he says.The actor says that there are some areas that the Indian government needs to work on to make India a better country. “As an Indian, I feel that if our government makes education compulsory and provides education to the kids who cannot afford, it will definitely bring a change in our country. The more people are educated, the more our country will develop. I respect all the freedom fighters but my favourite freedom fighter has been Rani Laxmi Bai since forever. The way she fought with the enemies carrying her child along is just so inspiring. She was the one who proved that women are not weak they are equally strong as men,” he says.Talking about his favourite patriotic number, he says, “Jana Gana Mana is my all-time favourite patriotic song. I even love Ae Watan from the film, Raazi.”

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