Kunal Rawal Designs the New Jersey Kit for Lucknow Super Giants

Kunal Rawal Designs the New Jersey Kit for Lucknow Super Giants

Showcases his LSG jersey inspired designs with a fashion presentation.

Ahmedabad, 7 March 2023: Designer Kunal Rawal known for pushing the envelope with endless possibilities has designed the new jersey kit for the Lucknow Super Giants, which is a work of art, craftsmanship, intelligent design, and vibrancy. Taking the jersey beyond the pitch, showstopper KL Rahul and Gautam Gambhir walked the runaway, showcasing the design and the enigmatic elements at an exclusive show: KR for LSG where the LSG jersey kit was unveiled. Inspired by the visual manipulation art of the world’s most famous graphic artist, M.C. Escher, this exclusive design reflects the nature of the sport, which is bold, yet minimalist, precise yet chaotic.

The Lucknow Super Giants x Kunal Rawal jersey kit exudes a sense of sportsmanship, unity, and performance in a fashion-forward, youthful disposition. Taking a cue from the artist M.C. Escher’s mathematically inspired artwork, the geometric print designed by Kunal Rawal is riddled with enigmatic details that manifest in a larger-than-life way, with a meaning and purpose at each fold.

Playing on the acronym LSG, the alphabets come to life in an interconnected three-dimensional pattern and the more you look at it, the more you see it unfold, in the most mesmerizing way. Lucknow art, linear stitching lines, menacing parametric patterns, chikankari work all converge to express the sentiments of tradition in a modern world of sport and design.

The color play is borrowed from the LSG logo, which is a newly introduced blue and one that reminds you of the sky above the pitch, of an India filled with cricket lovers, of a peace and unity that brings us all together. The Limoges blue in a gel foil gives the jersey a regal, yet contemporary touch, while the Kunal Rawal signature armor blocks in bright orange on the sides of the jersey add a unique edge to the look and seamlessly continue to the trouser sides, ensuring a statement is made whether the jersey is tucked in or out. The pop of green further complements the color play in an unassuming fashion.

Fashion and sports have a lot in common yet are so different in nature. The Kunal Rawal X LSG jersey is a manifestation of how two seemingly disparate worlds come together, bringing an energy of glamour to the world of cricket. Jerseys have gone beyond the stadium and become a point of wearable style on the daily, for the regular sports-loving guy or girl. This kit is nothing less than a statement about how fashion and sports score high when played together.

As Kunal is known for diversity in its entirety, the show saw models of different ethnicities, age, height, and body type sashaying down the runway in uniquely crafted and styled pieces inspired by the elements of the jersey.